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Acc Tasa de U cms 500d Generation 2 Pulsioxímetro, oximetry saturación de oxígeno en sangre Monitor con cubierta de silicona, Baterías y cordón

Amazon.es Precio: 29,45 (de 18/12/2021 08:50 PST- Detalles)

NEWEST ON THE MARKET – Newly launched in Feb 2015 with major improvements (software and hardware) made to the previous model. *CE and FDA Approved*
DELUXE MODEL WITH PLETHYSMOGRAPH & ALARM- Acc U Rate® CMS 500D Generation 2 pulse oximeter is the deluxe version of the Amazon top rated Acc U Rate® CMS 500DL Generation 2 Pulse Oximeter. In addition to measuring your SpO2 (Blood oxygen saturation level) value and pulse rate accurately and reliably, the deluxe version also contains a plesthymograph and alarm.
NEW SOFTWARE FEATURES – 1) Auditory alarm to warn you when your SpO2 and Pulse Rate are beyond set limits. 2) Auditory Beeps for every detected pulse. 3) Adjustable brightness.